Steampunk - Style, Art, Design and Gadgets.

Science fiction of its time with thoughts leaning more toward prediction than fantasy have inspired people to be imaginative in a number of areas. The nuts and bolts of the steam engine era has its own distinctive look of power and charm.

Steampunk Victorian Goggles welding Glasses diesel punk
Polyhedral 7-Die Set: Carved Steampunk Dice Set
Retro Victorian Cincher Lace up Long Ruffle Pencil Skirt
Apocalyptic Cyber Goggles- Time Travel Crazy Scientist's Oculo-Vision Tool".
Q-Workshop Polyhedral 7-Die Set: Carved Steampunk Dice Set (White and Black).
Perfect plus size clothing, fashion victorian gothic dresses. Bridesmaids, goth, punk.

Pins, rings and medallions in Steampunk form are a reminder of those hopeful times when minds tried to reach into the future and guess what was about to unfold or if they could come up with the next thing to rival the telephone. In the late 1800s newspapers ran articles on items like the electroscope and telectroscope which would allow objects to be seen across the ocean.


An exhibit on the shores of the East River in Brooklyn and also
in the shadow of the Tower Bridge along the River Thames in London.

It's easy to be drawn into the desire to learn more about Steampunk as one glance leaves you wondering what it's all about and how come you never came across it before. The beauty and elegance are something to behold.

Bird Pin/Brooch
Open Face Roman Numeral Necklace Pendant Antique Pocket Watch
Alchemy Gothic Ring
Feromonic Field Detector Steampunk Alchemy Gothic Ring
Hi-Voltage Ring
Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Ring - Alchemy Gothic Pewter Ring
Bronze tone pocket watch is also a beautiful necklace, and a clothes chain to match sweaters and dresses.
Features a brass plate calibrated as a "gender gauge" and moveable pointer.
100% Britannia pewter. Hand made in England. Authentic Alchemy of England brand merchandise.

People are highly creative in coming up with colorful artistic marketable items.

Gear Necklace And Earrings
Steampunk Adult Shoes
Pocket watch necklace

Victorian accents are somehow fashioned into desirable modern pieces.

Steampunk - Celtic - Punk - Arm Guards, Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Pendants

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Laptop Covers





Projects focus on "no fire" techniques like simple stringing, wirework, hammering, stamping, and gluing.






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